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Interconnected Limited Edition Linocut Print

Interconnected Limited Edition Linocut Print

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"Interconnected" - Limited Edition of 50 hand-carved and hand-printed linocut prints. 

Black oil-based relief print ink on natural white cotton rag paper. 12x16 inches, unframed. 

Each linocut print will have subtle and unique distinctions as a result of the hand-printing process. Each linocut print will be numbered and signed. Shipments will include a certificate of authenticity.

I ask that you allow 5 days of handling time for this print to ensure safe shipping. Thank you for your patience! 


This print was born out of necessity. I went through a particularly dark period of time in the spring, struggling with my identity as a professional, as an artist, and as a human. I had been operating at an unhealthy and unsustainable pace for 2+ years, trying to keep my artistic dreams alive. I was working alone constantly and was desperately craving support, community, and connection. I was drowning in my dream job and was devastated to discover that I had unintentionally turned something I loved into something I resented. 

Worst of all, I was terrified to be honest about it - with myself or anyone else. I was afraid that speaking the words "I'm not doing well" into existence would destroy everything. As the weeks went on and my denial got larger, I inevitably hit a point where I knew if I didn't do something, everything would get destroyed anyway, including me. 

So I reached out. I told on myself. I told my friends, I told my family, and I told strangers. I had nothing to lose because I was already losing so much. After being completely honest, with myself and others, something really cool happened. 

The support, the community, the connection - it all started flowing. I found out I wasn't alone in any of these thoughts or struggles. I found new ways to love and support the people in my life as they did for me. I was floored by the clear positive change in my relationships, including the relationship I had with myself. 

I'm deliriously happy to be sitting here, writing this story. Because to be brutally honest, I wasn't sure if I would make it to see the ending.

As I turn the page and close one of the darkest chapters of my life, I made this piece to reflect on the important lessons and the dynamic journey. I'm feeling so wildly inspired by the healing power of our connections with each other - big or small, of any nature.

We need each other, to fill our own cups and to fill each other's too. I'm so grateful for you arriving here and for the chance to connect with you, always.  

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