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Tattoo Pass

Tattoo Pass

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So you like my stuff so much that you want to rock one of my designs on your skin forever? That's FANTASTIC!

One small favor: I ask that you purchase a Tattoo Pass for the non-exclusive use of one of my designs.

Why should you purchase a Tattoo Pass? Great question!

  • Using art without permission isn't cool. The purchase of this pass grants my permission to use my work as-is. (This means no modifications to the design itself.) Interested in something custom? Nice! Send me a note and we can discuss a commissioned design. 
  • Many tattoo artists will require permission from an artist before committing to tattooing a design that isn't theirs. Purchase of this pass provides my consent to use one (1) of my original designs as your tattoo of choice!
  • Mutual respect is everything. As an artist, I have to advocate for the time, energy, and resources put into my work. Your purchase helps support my process and helps me continue creating. Let's respect each other, ya know?

Some extra details worth mentioning:

The purchase of this pass grants you permission to use one (1) of my original designs. Multiple designs require multiple passes. 

There will be no art files, downloads, or other assets sent in exchange for this purchase. You may use an image from my website or social media as a reference. 

Don't forget to share! Once you pick a design and go through all that fun pain and suffering to get the tattoo, I would love to see it! Tag me on social media (@illukace) or drop me a line!

In addition to your purchase, please add a brief note to your order naming the design you will be using.

Thank you a million times over for supporting my work. And in this case - for loving It enough to rep it for a lifetime!


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