About Me

Hey! I'm Kacie, but you can call me Kace. I'm an artist and printmaker from York, Pennsylvania. 

I've been creating things since I first found finger paints as a toddler. I studied art in school but wasn't quite sure where I wanted to go with my creative skills. To buy myself some time, I decided to pursue a career in cosmetology, and spent years working as a makeup artist before I joined the corporate world in digital marketing. 

Through my work in marketing I rediscovered my passion and need for a regular creative outlet. As I experienced first hand the weight and mental impact of the content we absorb on a daily basis, my philosophy for survival was born: Create more than you consume.

These days, I'm a freelance digital marketing professional to make ends meet and always on the clock as an artist. I enjoy working in digital illustration as well as traditional mediums, and focus a lot of my time on linocut printing and pyrography. 

Though I know a thing or two about marketing and love to talk about my clients,  I naturally get a bit shy when it comes to promoting myself and my art. 

So I'll focus on facts: I started illukace (ill-uh-case as in illustrate and kace combined) with the intention to share my own creative world with the actual world. My work is dynamic, like my own life, and though you may see themes in my art, I think you'll also find unique characteristics in each piece and collection. My creative work allows me to experiment, express and evolve in ways I always dreamed of. My hope is that you can find a bit of that here for yourself too. 

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Get In Touch

Interested in working with me? Send me a note at kacie@illukace.com

Have questions about your order or a specific piece? Drop a line at info@illukace.com